Proceedings of the Ninth International Conference on
Nuclear Analytical Methods in the Life Sciences

Lisbon, Portugal, 2008 September 7-12

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, Volume 281 (No. 1), July 2009

Adriano M. G. Pacheco and Maria do Carmo Freitas
pp. 1-2

Proficiency test for radioactivity measurements in nuclear medicine
A. Iwahara, L. Tauhata, A. E. Oliveira, I. G. Nícoli, F. G. Alabarse, A. M. Xavier, M. L. Oliveira, M. F. Koskinas and M. C. M. Almeida
pp. 3-6

Accumulation of 137Cs and 40K in aboveground organs of tropical woody fruit plants
R. M. Anjos, M. Rizzotto, N. Sanches, H. Velasco, D. L. Valladares and K. D. Macario
pp. 7-10

Challenges and successes in the use of neutron activation analysis procedures for value assignment of animal serum and bovine liver Standard Reference Materials
R. Zeisler, R. R. Greenberg, E. A. Mackey, K. E. Murphy, R. O. Spatz and B. E. Tomlin
pp. 11-15

Air-quality assessment of Pico-mountain environment (Azores) by using chemometric and trajectory analyses
S. Tsakovski, P. Simeonova, V. Simeonov, M. C. Freitas, I. Dionísio and A. M. G. Pacheco
pp. 17-22

Cyclic neutron activation analysis for determination of selenium in food samples using 77mSe
H. Zhang, Z. F. Chai, W. Y. Qing and H. C. Chen
pp. 23-26

Elemental characterization of mineral supplements by neutron activation analysis
R. A. S. Reis and M. Saiki
pp. 27-30

Selenium distribution in tissues and monitor materials after long-term selenium supplementation investigated by neutron activation analysis
D. Behne, D. Alber and A. Kyriakopoulos
pp. 31-34

Validation of the determination of tin by k0-instrumental neutron activation analysis in foodstuff
P. Vermaercke, F. Farina, L. Sneyers, M. Bruggeman and J. G. Bouças
pp. 35-39

Neutron activation analysis of Ca, Cl, K, Mg, Mn, Na, P, and Sr contents in the crowns of human permanent teeth
V. Zaichick
pp. 41-45

Instrumental neutron activation analysis of trace element contents in the rib bone of healthy men
V. Zaichick and S. Zaichick
pp. 47-52

Elemental analysis of brahmi (Bacopa monnieri) extracts by neutron activation and its bioassay for antioxidant, radio protective and anti-lipid peroxidation activity
A. N. Garg, A. Kumar, A. G. C. Nair and A. V. R. Reddy
pp. 53-58

Profile of selenium in soil and crops in seleniferous area of Punjab, India by neutron activation analysis
N. Sharma, R. Prakash, A. Srivastava, U. S. Sadana, R. Acharya, N. T. Prakash and A. V. R. Reddy
pp. 59-62

Mössbauer spectroscopy with high velocity resolution: an increase of analytical possibilities in biomedical research
M. I. Oshtrakh, V. A. Semionkin, O. B. Milder and E. G. Novikov
pp. 63-67

Elemental composition of Thai rice and beans by instrumental neutron activation analysis
S. Laoharojanaphand, A. Busamongkol, S. Chaiyasith, V. Permnamtip, M. Parengam and S. Srianujata
pp. 69-73

Interaction of 99Tc onto bentonite and influence of Fe(II) and (Ca, Mg) ion exchange in its interlayers
H. Vinšová, V. Jedináková-Krízová and M. Ozanová
pp. 75-78

Trace elemental analysis of rice grown in two regions of Tanzania
N. K. Mohammed and N. M. Spyrou
pp. 79-82

Studies of gel metal-oxide composite samples as filling materials for W-188/Re-188 generator column
E. Iller, H. Polkowska-Motrenko, W. Lada, D. Wawszczak, M. Sypula, K. Doner, M. Konior, J. Milczarek, J. Zoladek and J. Ráliš
pp. 83-86

Elemental analysis of traditional medicinal seeds by instrumental neutron activation analysis
S. Khaled, M. Mouzai, A. Ararem, L. Hamidatou and B. Zouranen
pp. 87-90

Assessment of stability of trace elements in two natural matrix environmental standard reference materials: NIST-SRM 1547 Peach leaves and NIST-SRM 1566a Oyster Tissue
E. A. Mackey and R. O. Spatz
pp. 91-96

Investigation of whole blood of SJL/J mice using neutron activation analysis
C. B. Zamboni, M. F. Suzuki, S. Metairon, M. D. F. Carvalho and O. A. Sant'Anna
pp. 97-99

Characterization of atmospheric aerosol in Buenos Aires, Argentina
R. C. Jasan, R. R. Plá, R. Invernizzi and M. Dos Santos
pp. 101-105

Evaluation of serum trace element, biochemical and hematological data of a healthy elderly group residing in São Paulo city, Brazil
M. Saiki, N. M. Sumita, O. Jaluul, W. Jacob-Filho and M. B. A. Vasconcellos
pp. 107-111

234U and 238U in mineral water: reference value and uncertainty evaluation in the frame of an interlaboratory comparison
Y. Spasova, L. Benedik, M. Vasile, M. Beyermann, U. Wätjen and S. Pommé
pp. 113-117

Behavior of samarium inhaled by mice: Exposure length and time-dependent change
A. Shinohara, M. Chiba and T. Kumasaka
pp. 119-122

Preparation and characterization of a new set of IAEA reference air filters using instrumental neutron activation analysis, proton-induced X-ray emission and Rutherford backscattering
J. Kucera, V. Havránek and I. Krausová
pp. 123-129

Complementarity of analytical tools in biomonitoring studies
S. Ayrault, M. Catinon, R. Clochiatti, M. Tissut and J. Asta
pp. 131-136

Estimation of 14CO2 amount in the atmosphere
Ivo Svetlík, Mihály Molnár, Milan Vána, Václav Michálek and Petar Stefanov
pp. 137-141

Some modifications to Sima's model for total efficiency calculation of well-type detectors
S. Pommé, J. Camps, G. Sibbens, T. Vidmar and Y. Spasova
pp. 143-147

Monitoring of gamma emission and neutron transmission during boron neutron capture treatment delivery
M. P. W. Chin and N. M. Spyrou
pp. 149-152

A 15-year record of seasonal variation in the isotopic composition of precipitation water over continental Portugal
P. M. Carreira, D. Nunes, P. Valério and M. F. Araújo
pp. 153-156

Environmental isotopes (15N and 18O) in the assessment of groundwater degradation: Aveiro Quaternary aquifer (NW Portugal)
P. G. Fernandes, P. M. Carreira and D. Nunes
pp. 157-160

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, Volume 281 (No. 2), August 2009

Changes of iron concentrations in skin and plasma of patients with hemochromatosis along therapy
T. Pinheiro, A. Barreiros, L. C. Alves, M. Neres, R. Fleming, J. N. Silva, P. Filipe and R. Silva
pp. 161-164

Radioactive and stable elements' concentration in medicinal plants from Brazil
F. V. Sussa, P. S. C. Silva, S. R. Damatto, D. I. T. Fávaro and B. P. Mazzilli
pp. 165-170

Determination of the relative oxygenation of samples by ortho-positronium 3-gamma decay for future application in oncology
M. A. Alkhorayef, E. I. Abuelhia, M. P. W. Chin and N. M. Spyrou
pp. 171-174

Spatial regression analysis between air pollution and childhood leukaemia in Portugal
M. Martinho and M. C. Freitas
pp. 175-179

Immobilisation of no-carrier-added 93mMo on a biopolymer calcium alginate: a candidate radiopharmaceutical
D. Nayak and S. Lahiri
pp. 181-183

Risk assessment of inhalation exposure for airborne toxic metals using instrumental neutron activation analysis
J.-M. Lim, J.-H. Lee, Y.-S. Chung, J.-H. Moon and K.-H. Kim
pp. 185-188

The archaeometry study of the chemical and mineral composition of pottery from Brazil's Northeast
J. O. Santos, C. S. Munita, R. G. Toyota, C. Vergne, R. S. Silva and P. M. S. Oliveira
pp. 189-192

Determination of selenium daily intakes in two small groups of the Portuguese population by replicate sample neutron activation analysis
M. G. Ventura, M. C. Freitas and A. M. G. Pacheco
pp. 193-196

Determination of selenium in food matrices by replicate sample neutron activation analysis
M. G. Ventura, M. C. Freitas and A. M. G. Pacheco
pp. 197-200

Sequential radioanalytical method for the determination of U and Th isotopes, 226Ra and 210Po using alpha spectrometry in samples of the Brazilian phosphate industry
C. H. R. Saueia, B. P. Mazzilli and M. H. T. Taddei
pp. 201-204

Micro-scale elemental distribution in the thallus of Flavoparmelia caperata transplanted to polluted site
R. M. Godinho, H. T. Wolterbeek, M. T. Pinheiro, L. C. Alves, T. G. Verburg and M. C. Freitas
pp. 205-210

Determination of uranium in phosphoric acid using neutron activation analysis
N. C. Silva, J. F. Macacini, H. T. Fukuma and E. A. N. Fenandes
pp. 211-213

Characterizing air particulate matter composition and sources in Lisbon, Portugal
S. M. Almeida, M. C. Freitas, C. Repolho, I. Dionísio, H. M. Dung, A. Caseiro, C. Alves, C. A. Pio and A. M. G. Pacheco
pp. 215-218

Characterisation of the seasonal exposure to air pollutants for a respiratory epidemiological study
M. C. Freitas, S. M. Almeida, A. M. G. Pacheco, I. Dionísio, C. Repolho, A. Caseiro, C. A. Pio and C. Alves
pp. 219-223

Parmelia sulcata lichen transplants positioning towards wind direction (Part I): precipitation volumes, total element deposition and lichen element content
A. P. Marques, M. C. Freitas, H. Th. Wolterbeek and T. Verburg
pp. 225-230

Parmelia sulcata lichen transplants positioning towards wind direction (Part II): element concentrations and relationships with atmospheric element deposition
A. P. Marques, M. C. Freitas, H. Th. Wolterbeek and T. Verburg
pp. 231-236

Geochemical analysis of Minho Estuary sedimentary record and its contribution to palaeoenvironmental evolution
P. Álvarez-Iglesias, M. F. Araújo, A. Gouveia and T. Drago
pp. 237-240

Potential of lichens for monitoring iodine-129 and chlorine-36
O. R. Daillant, A. Bernollin, M. Josset and K. L. Fifield
pp. 241-245

Geochemistry of marine sediments from inner Ría de Vigo (NW Spain)
P. Álvarez-Iglesias and B. Rubio
pp. 247-251

Crustal fraction of cattle feedlot particulate matter emissions using neutron activation analysis: method development
J. M. Lange, R. E. Lacey, C. B. Parnell and W. D. James
pp. 253-258

Trace element determination in beauty products by k0-instrumental neutron activation analysis
L. Sneyers, L. Verheyen, P. Vermaercke and M. Bruggeman
pp. 259-263

Sediments of Galician Continental Shelf: elemental composition and accumulation rates
C. Corredeira, M. F. Araújo, A. Gouveia and J.-M. Jouanneau
pp. 265-268

Use of granulated modified zeolite Y for the removal of inorganic arsenic and selenium species
A. M. Yusof, N. H. Idris, N. A. N. N. Malek and A. K. H. Wood
pp. 269-272

Evidence of tin and other anthropogenic metals in particulate matter in Lisbon, Portugal
J. Z. Edwards, S. Landsberger and M. C. Freitas
pp. 273-278

Speciation and instrumental neutron activation analysis for arsenic in water samples
R. Acharya, A. G. C. Nair and A. V. R. Reddy
pp. 279-282

Fast methodology for time counting optimization in gamma-ray spectrometry based on preset minimum detectable amounts
M. B. Nisti, A. J. G. Santos, B. R. S. Pecequilo, M. F. Máduar, M. M. Alencar and S. R. D. Moreira
pp. 283-286

Regional characteristics of naturally occurring radionuclides in surface sediments of Chinese deserts and the Keum River area of Korea
K. Y. Lee, Y. Y. Yoon, S. Y. Cho, K. S. Ko and Y. Kim
pp. 287-290

Prompt gamma-ray neutron activation analysis methodology for determination of boron from trace to major contents
R. Acharya
pp. 291-294

Screening of biosorption bacteria tolerance towards copper and cadmium from oil sludge pond
A. Hamzah, W. N. W. M. Arifin, K. S. Khoo, L. J. Lee and S. B. Sarmani
pp. 295-298

Local and regional sources as given by aerosol measurements and biomonitoring at Sado estuary area, Portugal
M. M. Farinha, T. G. Verburg, M. C. Freitas and H. Th. Wolterbeek
pp. 299-305

Simulating the introduction of a sapphire crystal into an epithermal neutron beamline
D. G. Beasley, A. Alghamdi, M. C. Freitas, A. Fernandes and Z. Révay
pp. 307-311

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