Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference on
Nuclear Analytical Methods in the Life Sciences

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, 2005 April 17-22

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, Vol. 269, No. 2, October 2006

Editorial, pp. 245 - 246
Elisabete A. De Nadai Fernandes

Nicholas M. Spyrou wins the 2005 George Hevesy Award of the Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, pp. 247 - 249

Development of a radiochemical neutron activation analysis procedure for determination of rhenium in biological and environmental samples at ultratrace level, pp. 251 - 257
J. Kucera, A. R. Byrne, et al.

Collaborative monitoring study of airborne particulate matters among seven Asian countries, pp. 259 - 266
M. Ebihara, Y. S. Chung, W. Chueinta, et al.

Stable isotope tracer marking of individual boll weevils, pp. 267 - 270
W. D. James, A. T. Showler, J. K. Westbrook, et al.

In vitro lung dissolutions rates for PuO2, pp. 271 - 277
S. P. LaMont, T. R. LaBone, J. R. Cadieux, et al.

In search of higher sensitivity: Pu isotopic analysis, pp. 279 - 281
H. Kurosaki, D. Chang, K. G. W. Inn

Determinants of selenium in the toenail biomonitor, pp. 283 - 290
J. S. Morris, V. L. Spate, R. A. Ngwenyama

NAA methods for determination of nanogram amounts of arsenic in biological samples, pp. 291 - 296
R. Zeisler, E. A. Mackey, G. P. Lamaze, et al.

Beta-exposure in a neutron activation laboratory, pp. 297 - 302
T. J. Belandi and S. Landsberger

Medical elementology as a new scientific discipline, pp. 303 - 309
V. Zaichick

Overall measurement uncertainty of k0-based neutron activation analysis, pp. 311 - 316
B. Smodiš and T. Bucar

Activity characterization of 192Ir brachytherapy wires, pp. 317 - 323
A. L. O. Damasceno, A. Iwahara, M. A. L. Silva, et al.

Curve fitting using a genetic algorithm for the X-ray fluorescence measurement of lead in bone, pp. 325 - 329
L. Luo, D. R. Chettle, H. Nie, et al.

Application of neutron activation analysis to bone samples, pp. 331 - 334
C. B. Zamboni, L. C. Oliveira, L. Dalaqua Jr, et al.

Stopping rule for variable selection using stepwise discriminant analysis, pp. 335 - 338
C. S. Munita, L. P. Barroso, P. M. S. Oliveira

Activities of the INCT, Warsaw, in the domain of quality assurance for inorganic analysis, pp. 339 - 345
H. Polkowska-Motrenko and R. Dybczynski

Variation of selenium concentration in toenails following long-term storage, washing and reactor irradiation, pp. 347 - 349
J. St-Pierre, R. Kada, G. Kennedy, et al.

Development of a radioanalytical emergency procedures manual database (REPMD), pp. 361 - 364
J. J. La Rosa, P. Motabar, K. G. W. Inn, et al.

Reflections on 35 years of biological SRM production and analyses, pp. 365 - 369
D. A. Becker

Quality assessment of organic coffee beans for the preparation of a candidate reference material, pp. 371 - 375
F. S. Tagliaferro, E. A. De Nadai Fernandes, M. A. Bacchi

Uncertainty assessment in instrumental neutron activation analysis of biological materials, pp. 377 - 382
E. G. Moreira, M. B. A. Vasconcellos, M. Saiki

Trace element quality control analysis of environmental samples at the Neutron Activation Analysis Laboratory, IPEN, São Paulo, Brazil, pp. 383 - 387
A. M. G. Figueiredo, D. I. T. Fávaro, M. Saiki, et al.

Assuring the reliability of mass spectrometry for the routine determination of traces of doping in horse-urine, pp. 389 - 396
I. M. H. Lima, M. N. Frota, E. A. N. Fernandes, et al.

Standardized methods for measuring radionuclides in drinking water, pp. 397 - 401
M. Forte, A. Bertolo, F. D'Alberti, et al.

INAA for the validation of chromium and copper determination in copper chromite by infrared spectrometry, pp. 403 - 406
F. S. Tagliaferro, E. A. N. Fernandes, M. A. Bacchi, et al.

Biomedical applications of Mössbauer spectroscopy, pp. 407 - 415
M. I. Oshtrakh

Development of an irradiation/shielding cavity for in vivo neutron activation analysis of manganese in human bone, pp. 417 - 420
A. Pejovic-Milic, S. H. Byun, D. R. Chettle, et al.

Improvement in the detection limit of anin vivo XRF cadmium detection system, pp. 421 - 424
M. Popovic, D. R. Chettle, F. E. McNeill, et al.

Catalyst concentration distribution in fluidized bed by gamma-ray absorption, pp. 425 - 428
C. C. Dantas, R. Narain, V. A. dos Santos, et al.

Measuring soil pollution parameters with radiotracers, pp. 429 - 433
H. P. Villar

A method for analyzing low statistics high resolution spectra from 210Pb in underground coal miners from Brazil, pp. 435 - 439
A. L. A. Dantas, B. M. Dantas, J. L. Lipsztein

Determination of trace elements in archaeological ceramics and application of Kernel Density Estimates: Implications for the definition of production locations, pp. 441 - 445
J. O. Santos, C. S. Munita, M. E. G. Valério, et al.

True coincidence correction for k0-method in INAA of plant materials with well-type detectors, pp. 447 - 450
A. Di Piero, A. Di Piero, M. A. Bacchi, et al.

Determination of radionuclides in the environment using gamma-spectrometry, pp. 451 - 455
J. A. S. Júnior, J. J. R. F. Cardoso, C. M. Silva, et al.

Radiochemical procedure for the determination of plutonium isotopes in powdered milk, pp. 457 - 461
M. H. T. Taddei and N. C. Silva

Use of new composite materials for the determination of Cu, Cd, Mo, As, and Sb in biological samples by radiochemical neutron activation analysis, pp. 463 - 468
M. Lucaníková, J. Kucera, F. Šebesta, et al.

Elemental distribution in breast tissue samples using X-ray fluorescence microtomography, pp. 469 - 473
G. R. Pereira, S. C. Conceiçao, R. T. Lopes, et al.

Methodology for rapid tritium determination in urine, pp. 475 - 479
R. M. Mingote, P. J. S. Barbeira, Z. Rocha

Determination of lead in whole blood by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry using Zeeman correction and sample stability, pp. 481 - 485
C. R. Dos Santos, R. S. Rodrigues, C. S. Silva, et al.

Evaluation of 40K in food by determining total potassium using neutron activation analysis, pp. 487 - 490
M. Sanchez, S. Landsberger, J. Braisted

Preconcentration neutron activation analysis of lanthanides by cloud point extraction using PAN, pp. 491 - 497
A. Pérez-Gramatges and A. Chatt

Implementation of alpha-spectrometry for uranium isotopes in excreta samples, pp. 499 - 503
J. C. Gaburo, A. S. Todo, M. H. T. Taddei, et al.

Chemotaxonomic markers of organic, natural, and genetically modified soybeans detected by direct infusion electrospray ionization mass spectrometry, pp. 505 - 509
L. S. Santos, R. R. Catharino, C. L. Aguiar, et al.

Measurements of short-lived cosmogenic nuclides in rain samples, pp. 511 - 516
K. Komura, K. Komura, Y. Kuwahara, et al.

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, Vol. 269, No. 3, September 2006

Drinking water quality from the aspect of element concentrations, pp. 519 - 526
M. Chiba, A. Shinohara, M. Sekine, et al.

Distribution and location of selenium and other elements in different mitochondrial compartments of human liver by neutron activation analysis, pp. 527 - 534
L. Xing, C. Chen, B. Li, et al.

Effects of iodine deficiency on metabolism of metal ions in the rat brain by nuclear analytical techniques, pp. 535 - 540
F. Zhang, N. Q. Liu, W. Y. Feng, et al.

Quantitative estimation of Br, Cl, K and Na in sample blood by NAA, pp. 541 - 545
L. C. Oliveira, C. B. Zamboni, J. Mesa

Analysis of the iron state in ferric and ferrous iron containing pharmaceutical products by Mössbauer spectroscopy, pp. 547 - 553
O. B. Oshtrakh, M. I. Milder, V. A. Semionkin

Trace elements monitored with neutron activation analysis during neurodegeneration in brains of mutant mice, pp. 555 - 559
K. Kranda, J. Kucera, J. Bäurle

Assessing environmental chemical uptake in fetal brain in utero: A preliminary PET/CT study, pp. 561 - 564
O. T. DeJesus, L. G. Flores, A. K. Converse, et al.

Immune response against antigens irradiated with 60Co gamma-rays, pp. 565 - 569
J. A. Baptista, P. J. Spencer, J. E. Oliveira, et al.

Study of gamma-radiation effects on crotamine and crotoxin, pp. 571 - 577
M. S. Casare, P. Spencer, L. A. Campos, et al.

Biodistribution of gyroxin using 125I as radiotracer, pp. 579 - 583
J. A. Alves da Silva, E. Muramoto, M. T. C. P. Ribela, et al.

Tx1, from Phoneutria nigriventer spidervenom, interacts with dihydropyridine sensitive-calcium channels in GH3 cells, pp. 585 - 589
R. Gouvea dos Santos, M. A. Soares, J. S. Cruz, et al.

99mTc radiolabeling of crotoxin as a tool for biodistribution studies, pp. 591 - 595
C. M. Novais, P. B. Pujatti, M. A. S. Castro, et al.

Chemical characterization and quality of the waters used for hemodialyses in the INEF from 2002 to 2004, pp. 597 - 603
N. Alberro Macias, I. Pupo González, L. Valcárcel Rojas, et al.

Relation between the geochemical environment and disease incidence rate: A case study - the Island Krk in the Adriatic Sea, Croatia, pp. 605 - 614
A. Kutle, J. Obhodaš, V. Valkovic

Improvement of in vivo neutron activation analysis of Mn using a 4pi NaI(Tl) detector array, pp. 615 - 618
S. H. Byun, A. Pejovic-Milic, W. V. Prestwich, et al.

Elemental content of erythrocytes from patients undergoing Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting (CABG) surgery using PIXE analysis, pp. 619 - 623
L. L. Admans, C. Jeynes, J. Clarke, et al.

Evaluation of geometries appropriate for 125I in vivo bone strontium X-ray fluorescence measurement, pp. 625 - 629
M. Zamburlini, A. Pejovic-Milic, D. R. Chettle

Trace and major elements in serum of patients with chronic myelogenous leukemia, pp. 631 - 634
C. G. L. Canellas, S. M. F. Carvalho, E. F. O. De Jesus, et al.

Evaluation of absorbed dose in thyroid follicles due to short-lived iodines irradiation using the Monte Carlo method, pp. 635 - 638
L. Campos, A. Amaral, N. Colas-Linhart, et al.

Bone architecture analyses of rat femur with 3D microtomographics images, pp. 639 - 642
I. C. B. Lima, L. F. Oliveira, R. T. Lopes

Determination of trace elements in human gallstone and bile by k0-INAA, pp. 643 - 646
I. O. Abugassa, S. O. Abugassa, Y. S. Khrbish, et al.

Elemental concentration in the cortex and hippocampus of Wistar rats by X-ray total reflection fluorescence with synchrotron radiation, pp. 647 - 652
R. F. B. Serpa, E. F. O. De Jesus, M. J. Anjos, et al.

INAA of Ca, Cl, K, Mg, Mn, Na, P, and Sr contents in the human cortical and trabecular bone, pp. 653 - 659
V. Zaichick

Endogenous phosphorus excretion by sheep fed hydrolyzed sugarcane bagasse, lucerne hay and citrus pulp, pp. 661 - 663
R. S. Dias, A. P. Roque, D. M. S. S. Vitti

Establishing a protocol for trace element determinations in serum samples from healthy elderly population in São Paulo city, SP, Brazil, pp. 665 - 669
M. Saiki, N. M. Sumita, O. Jaluul, et al.

Analysis of iron storage proteins in chicken liver and spleen tissues in comparison with human liver ferritin by Mössbauer spectroscopy, pp. 671 - 677
M. I. Oshtrakh, O. B. Milder, V. A. Semionkin, et al.

Processing of bone samples for the determination of ultra low-levels of uranium and plutonium, pp. 679 - 682
D. W. Efurd, R. E. Steiner, S. P. LaMont, et al.

Teeth characterization using ion beam analysis, pp. 683 - 687
M. A. Rizzutto, N. Added, M. H. Tabacniks, et al.

Seasonal variations of 222Rn and SGD fluxes to Ubatuba embayments, São Paulo, pp. 689 - 695
J. Oliveira, P. Costa, E. S. Braga

Determination of bromine, chlorine and iodine in environmental aqueous samples by epithermal neutron activation analysis and Compton suppression, pp. 697 - 702
S. Landsberger, D. J. O'Kelly, J. Braisted, et al.

Multielement determination in river-water of Sepetiba Bay tributaries (Brazil) by total reflection X-ray fluorescence using synchrotron radiation, pp. 703 - 706
A. C. M. Costa, C. R. F. Castro, M. J. Anjos, et al.

Metal concentrations in surface sediments of Paraíba do Sul River (Brazil), pp. 707 - 709
M. O. Pereira, C. Calza, M. J. Anjos, et al.

Determination of selected elements in red, brown and green seaweed species for monitoring pollution in the coastal environment of Ghana, pp. 711 - 718
Y. Serfor-Armah, D. Carboo, R. K. Akuamoah, et al.

Chemical characterization and 210Pb dating in wetland sediments from the Nhecolândia Pantanal Pond, Brazil, pp. 719 - 726
D. I. T. Fávaro, S. R. Damatto, P. S. C. Silva, et al.

Trace element concentrations from São Francisco River - PR analyzed with PIXE technique, pp. 727 - 731
M. A. Rizzutto, N. Added, M. H. Tabacniks, et al.

Direct determination of 226Ra in NORM/TENORM matrices by gamma-spectrometry, pp. 733 - 737
J. Justo, H. Evangelista, A. S. Paschoa

Environmental contamination by technologically enhanced naturally occurring radioactive material - TENORM: A case study of phosphogypsum, pp. 739 - 745
P. S. C. Silva, B. P. Mazzilli, D. I. T. Fávaro

Quality assessment of hydrosphere in the vicinity of Czech nuclear power plants by radioanalytical methods, pp. 747 - 753
V. Jedináková-Krízová, E. Hanslík, H. Vinšová

Removal of radionuclides from acid mine waters by retention on adsorbing materials, pp. 755 - 759
M. R. L. Nascimento, H. T. Fukuma, W. C. da Costa, et al.

137Cs profiles in erosion plots with different soil cultivation, pp. 761 - 765
A. C. Andrello, C. R. Appoloni, E. A. Cassol, et al.

Distribution of radionuclides and elements in Cubatão River sediments, pp. 767 - 771
P. S. C. Silva, B. P. Mazzilli, D. I. T. Fávaro

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, Vol. 270, No. 1, October 2006

Determination of extractable organohalogens in the atmosphere by instrumental neutron activation analysis, pp. 5 - 8
D. Xu, Q. Tian, Z. Chai

Major and trace elements in sediments of the upper course of Lerma river, pp. 9 - 14
S. Tejeda, G. Zarazúa-Ortega, P. Avila-Pérez, et al.

Rare earth elements in sediment profiles from marginal lagoons of the Moji-Guaçu River basin, Brazil, pp. 15 - 20
J. R Ferreira, E. A. N. Fernandes, E. J. França, et al.

Neutron activation analysis of atmospheric biomonitors from the Azores: A comparative study of lower and higher plants, pp. 21 - 27
M. C. Freitas, A. M. G. Pacheco, B. J. Vieira, et al.

INAA study for characterization of PM10 and PM2.5 in Beijing and influence of dust storm, pp. 29 - 33
Y. Song, D. D. Xu, Z. F. Chai, et al.

Assessment of atmospheric inorganic pollution in the urban region of Gdansk, Northern Poland, pp. 35 - 42
K. Szczepaniak, A. Astel, P. Bode, et al.

Chemical characterization of particulate matter suspended in the atmosphere by energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence (EDXRF), pp. 43 - 46
F. Lopes, C. R. Appoloni, V. F. Nascimento, et al.

Evaluation of atmospheric airborne particles in Lisbon, Portugal using neutron activation analysis, pp. 47 - 53
B. J. Vieira, S. Landsberger, M. C. Freitas

Atmospheric trace metal characterization in industrial area of Lisbon, Portugal, pp. 55 - 62
B. J. Vieira, S. R. Biegalski, M. C. Freitas, et al.

Lichen based biomonitoring of air quality in Havana City west side, pp. 63 - 67
A. Montero Alvarez, J. R. Estévez Alvarez, H. Iglesias Brito, et al.

Surface contamination effects on leaf chemical composition in the Atlantic Forest, pp. 69 - 73
A. A. Ferrari, E. J. França, E. A. N. Fernandes, et al.

Concentrations of some elements in the coastal sea sediments: Bays with marinas, pp. 75 - 85
J. Obhodaš, A. Kutle, V. Valkovic

Evaluation of element availability in bottom sediments by synchrotron total reflection X-ray fluorescence analysis (SR-TXRF), pp. 87 - 91
S. Moreira, A. E. S. Vives, V. F. Nascimento Filho, et al.

Degradation of petroleum hydrocarbons in seawater by ionizing radiation, pp. 93 - 97
K. C. S. Almeida, H. Oikawa, J. Oliveira, et al.

Degradation of chlorpyrifos by ionizing radiation, pp. 99 - 102
M. N. Mori, H. Oikawa, M. H. O. Sampa, et al.

Trace and major elements in rock samples from Itingussú River Basin, Coroa-Grande, Rio de Janeiro, pp. 103 - 109
D. R. Araripe, L. F. Bellido, S. R. Patchineelam, et al.

Iron Quadrangle, Brazil: Elemental concentration determined by k0-instrumental neutron activation analysis: Part I: Soil samples, pp. 111 - 116
M. A. B. C. Menezes, H. E. L. Palmieri, L. V. Leonel, et al.

Iron Quadrangle, Brazil: Elemental concentration determined by k0-instrumental neutron activation analysis: Part II: Kale samples, pp. 117 - 121
M. A. B. C. Menezes, H. E. L. Palmieri, L. V. Leonel, et al.

Nutrients and other elements in honey from Azores and mainland Portugal, pp. 123 - 130
M. C. Freitas, A. M. G. Pacheco, E. Ferreira

Gamma-emitters 90Sr, 238,239+240Pu and 241Am in bones and liver of eagles from Poland, pp. 131 - 135
J. W. Mietelski, L. Kitowski, P. Gaca, et al.

Uranium pollution of water in the western part of Uzbekistan, pp. 137 - 141
Y. Kawabata, M. Yamamoto, V. Aparin, et al.

Determination of mercury and selenium in consumed food items in Libya using instrumental and radiochemical NAA, pp. 143 - 146
M. B. Alamin, A. M. Bejey, J. Kucera, et al.

Synchrotron radiation total reflection X-ray fluorescence (SR-TXRF) for evaluation of food contamination, pp. 147 - 153
A. E. S. Vives, S. Moreira, S. M. B. Brienza, et al.

Dietary intakes of essential trace elements: Results from total diet studies supported by the IAEA, pp. 155 - 161
R. M. Parr, N. K. Aras, G. V. Iyengar

Natural radioactivity traces in South-Brazilian cereal flours by gamma-ray spectrometry, pp. 163 - 165
V. Scheibel, C. R. Appoloni, H. Schechter

Analysis of beers from Brazil with synchrotron radiation total reflection X-ray fluorescence, pp. 167 - 171
S. Moreira, A. E. S. Vives, O. L. A. D. Zucchi, et al.

Availability of essential elements in bhasmas: Analysis of Ayurvedic metallic preparations by INAA, pp. 173 - 180
A. Kumar, A. G. C. Nair, A. V. R. Reddy, et al.

Elemental analysis of leaves and extracts of Casearia medicinal plants by instrumental neutron activation analysis, pp. 181 - 186
C. I. Yamashita, M. Saiki, J. A. A. Sertié

Short irradiation instrumental neutron activation analysis of essential and trace elements in curry leaves (Murraya Koenigii) and their organic constituents by GC-MS, pp. 187 - 195
R. P. Choudhury, G. Jain, A. N. Garg

Analysis of the chemical elements in leaves infected by fumagina by X-ray fluorescence technique, pp. 197 - 201
M. S. Blonski, C. R. Appoloni, P. S. Parreira, et al.

Differences between elemental composition of orange juices and leaves from organic and conventional production systems, pp. 203 - 208
C. Turra, E. A. N. Fernandes, M. A. Bacchi, et al.

Bioavailability of essential trace elements in the presence of phytate, fiber and calcium, pp. 209 - 215
A. G. Gharib, S. G. Mohseni, M. Mohajer, et al.

Assessment of daily dietary intake of Hg and some essential elements in diets of children from the Amazon region, pp. 217 - 223
L. A. Farias, D. I. T. Favaro, V. A. Maihara, et al.

Effects of ionizing radiation on mechanically deboned chicken meat during frozen storage, pp. 225 - 229
H. A. Gomes and E. N. da Silva

Analysis of fish samples for environmental monitoring and food safety assessment by synchrotron radiation total reflection X-ray fluorescence, pp. 231 - 236
A. E. S. Vives, S. Moreira, S. M. B. Brienza, et al.

226Ra in milk of the dairy cattle from the rural region of Pernambuco, Brazil, pp. 237 - 241
C. M. Silva, R. S. Amaral, A. Amaral, et al.

Simultaneous determination of short-to-medium lived nuclides in Ghanaian food items using INAA and Compton suppression counting, pp. 243 - 248
B. J. B. Nyarko, E. H. K. Akaho, J. J. Fletcher, et al.

Evaluation of conventional and organic beans by instrumental neutron activation analysis, pp. 249 - 252
L. G. C. Santos, E. A. N. Fernandes, M. A. Bacchi, et al.

Development of a graduate curriculum in nuclear and radiochemistry and the research interactions with US Department of Energy national laboratories, pp. 253 - 257
S. Landsberger, D. J. O'Kelly, S. Biegalski, et al.

University-level education in nuclear and radiochemistry in Slovenia, pp. 259 - 261
B. Smodiš

Radiochemistry teaching and research activities in Brazil, pp. 263 - 267
M. B. A. Vasconcellos and M. Saiki

Institutional results of the Argentine Graduate Programme in Radiochemistry, pp. 269 - 272
I. M. Cohen and J. C. Furnari

Radiochemistry in chemistry and chemistry related undergraduate programmes in Argentina, pp. 273 - 275
M. C. Fornaciari Iljadica, J. C. Furnari, I. M. Cohen

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