Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on
Nuclear Analytical Methods in the Life Sciences

Antalya, Turkey, 2002 June 16-21

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry Vol. 259 No. 1 (January 2004)

Biomonitoring of occupational exposure: Neutron activation determination of selected metals in the body tissues and fluids of workers manufacturing stainless steel vessels
Kucera, J.; Bencko, V.; Tejral, J.; Borská, L.; Soukal, L.; Randa, Z., 7 - 11

Chernobyl 137Cs in lichens: Use of specific activity showing differences in transport routes of Cs and 137Cs
Wolterbeek, H. Th.; Jeran, Z.; Verburg, T.; de Goeij, J. J. M.; van Dam, J., 13 - 18

Heavy metal atmospheric deposition study in the South Ural Mountains
Frontasyeva, M. V.; Smirnov, L. I.; Steinnes, E.; Lyapunov, S. M.; Cherchintsev, V. D., 19 - 26

Are lower epiphytes really that better than higher plants for indicating airborne contaminants? An insight into the elemental contents of lichen thalli and tree bark by INAA
Pacheco, A. M. G.; Freitas, M. C., 27 - 33

MCTTFA applied to differential biomonitoring in Sado estuary region
Marques, A. P.; Freitas, M. C.; Reis, M. A.; Wolterbeek, H. Th.; Verburg, T., 35 - 40

Epithermal neutron activation analysis of Spirulina platensis biomass and extracted C-phycocianin and DNA
Mosulishvili, L. M.; Frontasyeva, M. V.; Pavlov, S. S.; Belokobylsky, A. I.; Kirkesali, E. I.; Khizanishvili, A. I., 41 - 45

Study of binding properties of lanthanum to wheat roots by INAA
Zhang, Z. Y.; Li, F. L.; Xu, L.; Liu, N.; Xiao, H. Q.; Chai, Z. F., 47 - 49

Air pollution studies in Central Russia (Tula Region) using the moss biomonitoring technique, INAA and AAS
Ermakova, E. V.; Frontasyeva, M. V.; Steinnes, E., 51 - 58

The use of Tillandsia usneoides L. as bioindicator of air pollution in Sao Paulo, Brazil
Figueiredo, A. M. G.; Alcalá, A. L.; Ticianelli, R. B.; Domingos, M.; Saiki, M., 59 - 63

Accumulation of selenium and chromium in the growth dynamics of spirulina platensis
Belokobylsky, A. I.; Ginturi, E. I.; Kuchava, N. E.; Kirkesali, E. I.; Mosulishvili, L. ?.; Frontasyeva, M. V.; Pavlov, S. S.; Aksenova, N. G., 65 - 68

Biomonitoring of environmental pollution based on studies of trace elements in soil and crops
Lee, K. Y.; Yang, M. K.; Yoon, Y. Y.; Shim, S. K.; Cho, S. Y.; Seo, B. K.; Chung, Y. S.; Lee, J. H., 69 - 74

Spatial patterns of atmospheric trace elements in 11 tourist cities of China using Sabina chinesis L. needles as biomonitors
Zhang, Z. H.; Chai, Z. F.; Mao, X. Y., 75 - 79

How suitable are scalp hair and toenail as biomonitors?
Menezes, M. Â. B. C.; Maia, E. C. P.; Albinati, C. C. B.; Sabino, C. V. S.; Batista, J. R., 81 - 86

Lichens and mosses for correlation between trace elements and 210Po in the areas near coal-fired power plant at Yatagan, Turkey
Ugur, A.; Özden, B.; Saç, M. M.; Yener, G.; Altinbas, Ü.; Kurucu, Y.; Bolca, M., 87 - 92

On the use of the lichen Ramalina celastri (Spreng.) Krog. & Swinsc. as an indicator of atmospheric pollution in the province of Córdoba, Argentina, considering both lichen physiological parameters and element concentrations
Jasan, R. C.; Verburg, T. G.; Wolterbeek, H. Th.; Plá, R. R.; Pignata, M. L., 93 - 97

Trace elements in higher fungi (mushrooms) determined by activation analysis
Randa, Z.; Kucera, J., 99 - 107

Analysis of Tradescantia pallida plant exposed in different sites for biomonitoring purposes
Sumita, N. M.; Saiki, M.; Saldiva, P. H. N.; Figueiredo, A. M. G., 109 - 112

Comparison of accumulation capacities of two lichen species analyzed by instrumental neutron activation analysis
Yenisoy Karakas, s.; Tuncel, S. G., 113 - 118

The use of bivalves as bio-indicators in the assessment of marine pollution along a coastal area
Yusof, A. M.; Yanta, N. F.; Wood, A. K. H., 119 - 127

Determination of extractable organic halogens in pine needles by neutron activation analysis
Xu, Diandou; Zhong, Weike; Deng, Linlin; Chai, Zhifang; Mao, Xueying; Zhang, Zhiyong, 129 - 134

Accumulation, elimination and retention of 99Tc by duckweed
Hattink, J.; Weltje, L.; Wolterbeek, H. Th.; de Goeij, J. J. M., 135 - 139

Atmospheric deposition of heavy metals in northern Serbia and Bosnia-Herzegovina studied by the moss biomonitoring, neutron activation analysis and GIS technology
Frontasyeva, M. V.; Galinskaya, T. Ye.; Krmar, M.; Matavuly, M.; Pavlov, S. S.; Povtoreyko, E. A.; Radnovic, D.; Steinnes, E., 141 - 144

Element concentrations in hair of children living in environmentally degraded districts of the East Aral Sea region
Chiba, M.; Sera, K.; Hashizume, M.; Shimoda, T.; Sasaki, S.; Kunii, O.; Inaba, Y., 149 - 152

Study of occupational health impact of atmospheric pollution on exposed workers at an iron and steel complex by using neutron activation analysis of scalp hair
Chai, Z. F.; Qian, Q. F.; Feng, X. Q.; Zhang, P. Q.; Liu, N. Q.; Feng, W. Y.; Kuang, M. X.; Wang,2, H. Y.; Zhang, Y. Z., 153 - 156

Seasonal patterns of atmospheric trace element concentrations in Upstate New York, USA
Ölmez, I.; Güllü, G.; Aras, N. K.; Keskin, S. S., 157 - 162

Source apportionment of trace elements in the Eastern Mediterranean atmosphere
Güllü, G.; Ölmez, I.; Tuncel, G., 165 - 171

Contamination by human fingers: The Midas touch
Gwozdz, R.; Grass, F., 173 - 176

Dating of Black Sea sediments from Romanian coast using natural 210Pb and fallout 137Cs
Ayçik, G. A.; Çetaku, D.; Erten,2, H. N.; Salihoglu, I., 177 - 180

Applied environmental metrology for studying health-pollution interactions
Smodiš, B., 181 - 185

Trace and major element compositions of Black Sea aerosol
Karakas, D.; Ölmez, I.; Tosun, S.; Tuncel, G., 187 - 192

Chemical composition and source apportionment of Toronto summertime urban fine aerosol (PM2.5)
Tsai, J.; Owega, S.; Evans, G.; Jervis, R.; Fila, M.; Tan, P.; Malpica, O., 193 - 197

Tracking the El Nino events from Antarctic ice core records
Keskin, S. S.; Ölmez, I., 199 - 202

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry Vol. 259 No. 2 (February 2004)

Air quality control monitoring at an urban and industrialized area
Farinha, M. M. ; Freitas, M. C.; Almeida, S. M., 203 - 207

Determination and preconcentration of natural and radio-cesium from aqueous solution
Güçlü, K.; Apak, R.; Tütem, E.; Atun, G., 209 - 211

A survey of 222Rn concentrations in dwellings of Turkey
Köksal, E. M.; Çelebi, N.; Ataksor, B.; Ulug, A.; Tasdelen, M.; Kopuz, G.; Akar, B.; Karabulut, M. T., 213 - 216

Time still to restore the polluted Piracicaba river basin
Favaro, P. C.; De Nadai Fernandes, E. A.; Ferraz, E. S. B.; Falótico, M. H. B., 217 - 221

Radiotracer method to study the transport of mercury(II) chloride from water to sediment and air
Karaca, F.; Ölmez, I.; Aras, N. K., 223 - 226

Regional elemental signatures related to combustion of lignites
Ölmez, E. I.; Kut, D.; Bilge, A. N.; Ölmez, I., 227 - 231

Preliminary analyses of natural radionuclides in selected Turkish power plant lignites
Öztürk, N.; Özdogan, Z. S., 233 - 237

Use of radiotracer in adsorption studies of copper on peat
Petroni, S. L. G.; Pires, M. A. F.; Munita, C. S., 239 - 243

Some peculiarities of the contamination with radionuclides and toxic elements of the Syrdarya river basin, Kazakhstan
Solodukhin, V. P.; Poznyak, V. L.; Kazachevskiy, I. V.; Knyazev, B. B.; Lukashenko, S. N.; Khazhekber, S., 245 - 250

In vivo tibial lead measurement to assess the health hazard of Venezuelan workers
Sajo-Bohus, L.; Scott, M. C.; Greaves, E. D.; Somervaille, L. J.; Green, S.; Avila, T.; Loaiza, F.; Foglietta, L., 251 - 255

Preconcentration of trace manganese from natural waters by complexation with dithiocarbamate and adsorption onto C18-solid phase extraction column for neutron activation analysis
Sarmani, S. B.; Abdullah, M. P.; Bobaker, A. M., 257 - 260

Determination of total mercury and methylmercury in hair samples from residents of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia by neutron activation analysis
Sarmani, S. B.; Alakili, I., 261 - 264

Vertical distribution of the natural and artificial radionuclides in various soil profiles to investigate soil erosion
Ugur, A.; Saç, M. M.; Yener, G.; Altinbas, Ü.; Kurucu, Y.; Bolca, M.; Özden, B., 265 - 270

Trace element distribution in geochemical environment of the island Krk and its influence on the local population
Kutle, A.; Orešcani, V.; Obhodaš, J.; Valkovic, V., 271 - 276

Hemispherical dominance of glucose metabolic rate in the brain of the 'normal' ageing population
Cutts, D. A.; Maguire, R. P.; Leenders, K. L.; Spyrou, N. M., 277 - 280

Micro-beam scanning PIXE analysis system at the National Institute of Radiological Sciences (NIRS)
Yukawa, M.; Imaseki, H., 281 - 285

Monte Carlo calculations and neutron spectrometry in quantitative prompt gamma neutron activation analysis (PGNAA) of bulk samples using an isotopic neutron source
Spyrou, N. M.; Awotwi-Pratt, J. B.; Williams, A. M., 287 - 291

Determination of leachable arsenic from glass ampoules
Kayasth, S. R.; Swain, K. K., 293 - 294

A system for activation analysis at small research reactors
Westphal, G. P.; Grass, F.; Lemmel, H., 295 - 299

Investigation of PCBs biodegradation by soil bacteria using tritium-labeled PCBs
Kim, A. A.; Djuraeva, G. T.; Takhtobin, K. S.; Kadirova, M.; Yadgarov, H. T.; Zinovev, P. V.; Abdukarimov, A. A., 301 - 304

Chemical study of some ceramics from Brazilian Northeast
Munita, C. S.; Nascimento, A.; Schreiber, S. B.; Luna, S.; Oliveira, P. M. S., 305 - 309

Role of fulvic acids for transporting and fixing phosphate and iron ions in bean plants by radiotracer technique
Navarrete, J. M.; Urbina, V. M.; Martínez, T.; Cabrera, L., 311 - 314

Effect of copper ions on the radiostability of protein-polyelectrolyte mixtures
Bayülken, S.; Yüce, G.; Erkol, A. Y.; Mustafaeva, Z.; Mustafaev, M., 315 - 319

Iodine determination in milk by isotope dilution analysis
Ünak, P.; Yurt Lambrecht, F.; Biber, F. Z.; Teksoz, S.; Eriskin, P.; Kansu, N., 321 - 324

Comparison of fluorine determination in biological and environmental samples by NAA, PAA and PIXE
Havránek, V.; Kucera, J.; Randa, Z.; Vosecek, V., 325 - 329

New approaches to the building of supramolecular radiofullerenes for possible biomedical and toxicological applications
Braun, T., 331 - 334

The use of nuclear techniques in source apportionment studies, exemplified by recent studies in Turkey
Güllü, G.; Tuncel, G., 335 - 339

Global variations in peak bone mass as studied by dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry
McCloskey, E. V.; Dey, A.; Parr, R. M.; Aras, N.; Balogh, A.; Bostock, J.; Borell, A.; Krishnan, S.; Lobo, G.; Qin, L. L.; Zhang, Y.; Cvijetic, S.; Zaichick, V.; Lim-Abraham, M.; Bose, K.; Wynchank, S.; Iyengar, G. V., 341 - 345

Sex and age related Ca/P ratio in cortical bone of iliac crest of healthy humans
Tzaphlidou, M.; Zaichick, V., 347 - 349

INAA application in the age dynamics assessment of Ca, Cl, K, Mg, Mn, Na, P and Sr in the cortical bone of human femoral neck
Zaichick, V., 351 - 354

Elemental composition of hair and bone density measurements at diagnosis in paediatric inflammatory bowel disease
Akanle, O. A.; Ho, J.; Muhiddin, K.; Admans, L.; Croft, N. M.; Spyrou, N. M., 355 - 360

Bone mineral density of lumbar spine and proximal femur in healthy males
Akin, S.; Isikli, S.; Korkusuz, F.; Ungan, M.; Senkoylu, A., 361 - 364

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry Vol. 259 No. 3 (March 2004)

Precision of a dual energy X-ray absorptiometry device (Free)
Forkusuz, F. ; Isikli, S.; Akn, S.; Ungan, M.; Senköylü, A.; Aras, N. K., 365 - 368

Effect of calcium supplements on osteoporosis by using nuclear analytical techniques
Hu, Sumin; Mao, Xueying; Chai, Zhifang; Wang, Hongfei; Ouyang, Hong; Zhang, Jianjun, 369 - 373

INAA of cortical and trabecular bone samples from animals
Takata, M. K.; Saiki, M., 375 - 379

Instrumental neutron activation analysis based on k0-standardization method as compared with other methods in the analysis of the IAEA inter-comparison test
Abugassa, I. O.; Sarmani, S.; El-Ghawi, U., 381 - 384

Determination of total mercury in environmental and biological samples using k0-INAA, RNAA and CVAAS/AFS techniques: Advantages and disadvantages
Jacimovic, R.; Horvat, M., 385 - 390

Establishment of a quality system for nuclear analytical laboratories
Arikan, P.; Acar, O.; Acar, R.; Aycik, G. A.; Cetiner, M. A.; Demirel, H.; Efe, N.; Golge, T.; Gurellier, R.; Kirmaz, R.; Tulumen, S.; Yucel, H.; Zararsiz, A.; Agus, Y., 391 - 394

Uncertainty budget and validation of NAA using Reference Materials
Balla, M; Molnár, Zs.; Korös, Á., 395 - 400

The performance of k0-INAA in recent exercises on the certification of rare earth elements in bio-environmental materials
De Corte, F.; De Wispelaere, A., 401 - 408

Preparation and preliminary certification of two new Polish CRMs for inorganic trace analysis
Dybczynski, R.; Danko, B.; Kulisa, K.; Maleszewska, E.; Polkowska- Motrenko, H.; Samczynski, Z.; Szopa, Z., 409 - 413

Cyclotron production and quality control of "high specific activity" radionuclides in "no-carrier-added" form for radioanalytical applications in the life sciences
Bonardi, M. L.; Birattari, C.; Groppi, F.; Gini, L.; Mainardi, H. S. C., 415 - 419

Conventional and organic potatoes: Assessment of elemental composition using k0-INAA
Bacchi, M. A.; De Nadai Fernandes, E. A.; Tsai, S. M.; Santos, L. G. C., 421 - 424

IAEA quality control studies on determining trace elements in bioindicators
Bleise, A.; Smodiš, B., 425 - 429

Standardizing NAA of biological samples of varying size, shape and composition
St-Pierre, J.; Kennedy, G., 431 - 434

Selenium research in mammals using nuclear analytical methods and related techniques in conjunction with biochemical procedures
Behne, D.; Alber, D.; Kyriakopoulos, A., 435 - 439

The determination of Se, Mg and Mn concentrations in leukocyte subfractions
Admans, L. L.; Spyrou, N. M., 441 - 445

Selenium status in Turkey
Possible link between status of selenium, iodine, antioxidant enzymes and oxidative DNA damage
Giray, B.; Hincal, F., 447 - 451

Identification of selenoproteins in the endoplasmatic reticulum of the rat kidney by combination of radioanalytical techniques and biochemical methods
Kyriakopoulos, A.; Hoppe, B.; Alber, D.; Graebert, A.; Kühbacher, M.; Weseloh, G.; Behne, D., 453 - 458

Preliminary study of selenium and mercury distribution in some porcine tissues and their subcellular fractions by NAA and HG-AFS
Zhao, Jiujiang; Chen, Chunying; Zhang, Peiqun; Chai, Zhifang; Qu, Liya; Li, Mei, 459 - 463

Daily dietary selenium intake of selected Brazilian population groups
Maihara, V. A.; Gonzaga, I. B.; Silva, V. L.; Fávaro, D. I. T.; Vasconcellos, M. B. A.; Cozzolino, S. M. F., 465 - 468

Determination of selenium in red blood cells by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) after microwave digestion
Tinggi, U.; Gianduzzo, T.; Francis, R.; Nicol, D.; Shahin, M.; Scheelings, P., 469 - 472

Analysis of metal-containing proteins by gel electrophoresis and synchrotron radiation X-ray fluorescence
Weseloh, G.; Kühbacher, M.; Bertelsmann, H.; Özaslan, M.; Kyriakopoulos, A.; Knöchel, A., 473 - 477

Speciation of some trace elements in water samples after preconcentration on activated carbon by neutron activation analysis
Yusof, A. M.; Rahman, M. M.; Wood, A. K. H., 479 - 484

Neutron activation analysis of extractable organohalogens in milk from China
Zhong, Weike; Xu, Diandou; Chai, Zhifang; Mao, Xueying, 485 - 488

Neutron activation analysis at the research reactor center of IPEN/CNEN-SP- biological and environmental applications
Vasconcellos, M. B. A.; Saiki, M.; Fávaro, D. I. T.; Maihara, V. A.; Figueiredo, A. M. G.; Catharino, M. G. M., 489 - 492

The University of Surrey database of elemental composition of human hair
Altaf, W. J.; Akanle, O. A.; Admans, L. L.; Beasley, D.; Butler, C.; Spyrou, N. M., 493 - 498

Studies on elemental analysis of Chinese traditional herbs by neutron activation technique and their mutagenic effect
Hamzah, A.; Beh, C. W.; Sarmani, S. B.; Liow, J. Y.; Abugassa, L., 499 - 503

Determination of iodine in Asian diets by epithermal and radiochemical neutron activation analysis
Kucera, J.; Iyengar, G. V.; Randa, Z.; Parr, R. M., 505 - 509

Determination of trace elements in blood samples by TXRF analysis
Martinez, T.; Lartigue, J.; Avila-Perez, P.; Zarazua, G.; Navarrete, M.; Tejeda, S.; Ramírez, A., 511 - 514

Determination of boron, fluorine and some medium Z elements in diet samples
Sastri, C. S.; Iyengar, V.; Demirel-Gülen, S.; Heck, M.; Hoffmann, P.; Ortner, H. M.; Blondiaux, G.; Tessier, Y.; Sauvage, T.; Petri, H., 515 - 520

Stage-specific and age-dependent profiles of zinc, copper, manganese, and selenium in rat seminiferous tubules
Homma-Takeda, S.; Nishimura, Y.; Watanabe, Y.; Imaseki, H.; Yukawa, M., 521 - 525

ENAA studies of chromium uptake by Arthrobacter oxydans
Tsibakhashvili, N. Ya.; Mosulishvili, L. M.; Kalabegishvili, T. L.; Kirkesali, E. I.; Frontasyeva, M. V.; Pomyakushina, E. V.; Pavlov, S. S.; Holman, H.-Y. N., 527 - 531

Evaluation of Zn and Fe in diets of patients with chronic renal failure
Fávaro, D. I. T.; Mafra, D.; Maihara, V. A.; Cuppari, L.; Vasconcellos, M. B. A.; Cozzolino, S. M. F., 533 - 536

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