Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on
Nuclear Analytical Methods in the Life Sciences

Beijing, China, 1998 October 26-30

Zhifang Chai, Weizhi Tian, Rolf Zeisler
Pages 1-2

Acquisition of improved reference values for cesium, iodine, strontium, thorium, and uranium in selected NIST reference materials
Robert M. Parr, Hisao Kawamura, G. Venkatesh Iyengar
Pages 5-13

Trends in trace element determinations in blood, serum, and urine of the Dutch population, and the role of neutron activation analysis
Peter Bode, Jaap de Kok
Pages 15-20

INAA of serum zinc of inhabitants in five regions of the Czech Republic
Jan Kvicala, Václav Jiránek
Pages 21-30

Characterization of selenium status of inhabitants in the region Ústi nad orlici, Czech Republic by inaa of blood serum and hair and fluorimetric analysis of urine
Jan Kvícala, Václav Zamrazil, Václav Jiránek
Pages 31-39

Instrumental neutron activation analysis of rib bone samples and of bone reference materials
M. Saiki, M. K. Takata, S. Kramarski, A. Borelli
Pages 41-46

IAEA internet database of natural matrix reference materials
A. R. Bleise, B. Smodiš, D. Glavic-Cindro, R. M. Parr
Pages 47-53

Microbeam PIXE analysis of Na, K, Mg, and Ca in severely damaged cardiac tissue
B. A. W. Verhoef, J. J. M. de Goeij, et al.
Pages 57-64

Nuclear microscopy in the life sciences at the national university of singapore
M. Q. Ren, P. S. P. Thong, J. Makjanic, D. Ponraj, et al.
Pages 65-76

An external ion microbeam for studies of biological samples
Takuro Sakai, Yutaka Naitoh, Tomihiro Kamiya, et al.
Pages 77-82

Improvements in the determination of radionuclide distribution in the analysis of irradiated samples using double-differentiation method
Nicholas M. Spyrou, Mohammad E. Mesbahi
Pages 83-90

Radiotracer analysis of cadmium speciation in soil solutions using electrophoresis, dialysis, centrifugation, and ultrafiltration
Petr Beneš, JiRí Mizera
Pages 91-101

Study on binding of REEs with water-soluble polysaccharides in fern
Y. Q. Wang, J. X. Sun, F. Q. Guo, Z. Y Zhang, et al.
Pages 103-108

Correlation between total and EDTA/DTPA-extractable trace elements in soil and wheat
O. Cankur, N. K. Aras, I. Olmez, W. Zhang, et al.
Pages 109-119

Comparison of the chromium distribution in organs and subcellular fractions of normal and diabetic rats by using enriched stable isotope Cr-50 tracer technique
Weiyue Feng, Wenjun Ding, Qinfang Qian, Zhifang Chai
Pages 121-129

Investigation of selenium distribution in subcellular fractions of human liver by neutron activation analysis
Chunying Chen, Peiqun Zhang, Xiaolin Hou, Zhifang Chai
Pages 131-138

Speciation of inorganic arsenic and selenium in leachates from landfills in relation to water quality assessment
A. M. Yusof, S. Salleh, A. K. H. Wood
Pages 139-148

Spatial distribution of extractable organohalogens in northern pink shrimp in the North Atlantic
Christina S. Bottaro, Joe W. Kiceniuk, Amares Chatt
Pages 149-166

Health-related monitoring and assessment of airborne particulate matter
Robert M. Parr, Borut Smodiš
Pages 169-179

Characterization of airborne particulates in bangkok urban area by neutron activation analysis
Sunun Nouchpramool, Tatchai Sumitra, et al.
Pages 181-187

A study of air particulate pollution in colombo using a nuclear-related analytical technique
M. C. S. Seneviratne, P. Mahawatte, R. K. S. Fernando, et al.
Pages 189-194

Collection and characterization of a bulk PM2.5 air particulate matter material for use in reference materials
Susan F. Heller-Zeisler, John M. Ondov, Rolf Zeisler
Pages 195-202

Determination of concentrations of elements in the atmospheric aerosol of the urban and rural areas of beijing in winter
Wang Xinfu
Pages 203-208

Content of trace elements in the respirable fractions of the air particulate of urban and rural areas monitored by neutron activation analysis
M. Gallorini, E. Rizzio, C. Birattari, M. Bonardi, et al.
Pages 209-222

Measurement of PM 10/2.5 fractionated respirable particles in Urban Toronto by INAA, PIXE, ICP-AES, and LAMS
Robert E. Jervis, Phillip V. Tan, Greg J. Evans
Pages 223-232

INAA and PIXE of Atmospheric and Combustion Aerosols
Jan Kucera, Vladimír Havránek, JiRí Smolík, et al.
Pages 233-245

An evaluation of atmospheric deposition of trace elements into the great lakes
S. Biegalski, S. Landsberger
Pages 247-256

Biomonitoring of air pollution as exemplified by recent IAEA programs
Borut Smodiš, Robert M. Parr
Pages 257-266

Study on air pollution in Beijing’s major industrial areas using multielements in biomonitors and NAA techniques
Bangfa Ni, Weizhi Tian, Huining Nie, Pingsheng Wang, et al.
Pages 267-272

Environmental assessment in an industrial area of Portugal
M. A. Reis, M. C. Freitas, L. C. Alves, A. P. Marques, et al.
Pages 273-280

Determinations of subnanomole elemental levels by NAA and their possible impact on human health related issues
Rolf Zeisler, Robert R. Greenberg
Pages 283-289

Evaluation of trace elements in lung samples from coal miners using neutron activation analysis
Mitiko Saiki, Paulo H. N. Saldiva, et al.
Pages 291-297

Environmental control in the uranium mine Lagoa Real, Brazil
Fábio Sileno Tagliaferro, et al.
Pages 299-308

Comparative study of desert truffles from kuwait and other countries in the middle east for radionuclide concentration
D. Al-Azmi, H. R. Saad, A. R. Farhan
Pages 309-315

Study of environmental biomonitoring of the Jiaozhou Bay
P. Q. Zhang, W. Q. Wang, X. L. Lu, C. Y. Chen, et al.
Pages 317-323

Measurement of fluorine pollutant in plant leaves and soil using nuclear reaction analysis
Chuanshan Wamg, Jinliang Zhu, Wenyun Luo, Shuxin Zhou
Pages 325-329

Multielement compositions of marine phytoplankton samples from coastal areas of japan by instrumental neutron activation analysis
Toshiyuki Masuzawa, Teruyuki Suzuki, Kayoko Seki, et al.
Pages 331-342

Neutron activation analysis of Se in bovine plasma samples
S. Resmizky, M. E. Dallorso, E. Pawlak
Pages 343-347

Plutonium, 241Am, 90Sr, and 137Cs concentrations in some antarctic matrices
Guogang Jia, C. Triulzi, F. Nonnis Marzano, M. Belli, et al.
Pages 349-357

Bioaccumulation of rare earth elements in cultured hela cells
Yoshiko Tanaka, Keizo Kawamoto, Kenichi Kawai, et al.
Pages 359-363

Elemental analysis of herbal preparations for traditional medicines by neutron activation analysis with the k0 standardization method
S. B. Sarmani, I. Abugassa, A. Hamzah, M. D. Yahya
Pages 365-376

Determination of selenium in Canadian food items by cyclic instrumental neutron activation analysis
Y. Shi, E. E. Sullivan, J. Holzbecher, A. Chatt
Pages 377-386

Lead and copper contamination of soil from industrial activities and firing ranges
S. Landsberger, F. Iskander, S. Basunia, D. Barnes, et al.
Pages 387-396

Radiochemical neutron activation analysis in the life sciences
J. J. M. De Goeij, R. Cornelis
Pages 399-405

Prompt gamma-ray analysis using cold and thermal guided neutron beams at JAERI
Chushiro Yonezawa
Pages 407-413

Is loss-free counting under statistical control?
Stefaan Pommé
Pages 415-422

Limits of detection of a total reflection x-ray fluorescence system with double reflection module
V. F. Nascimento Filho, V. H. Poblete, P. S. Parreira, et al.
Pages 423-430

Matrix effects in PIXE analysis of aerosols and ashes
Vladimír Havránek, Jan Kucera, Jitka Horáková, et al.
Pages 431-442

Comparison of the relative and k0 methods for the standardization of NAA with stable low-flux reactors
Gregory Kennedy, Jean St-Pierre
Pages 443-451

An evaluation of thermal and epithermal neutron activation analysis compton suppression methods for biological reference materials
S. Landsberger, De Wu
Pages 453-461

Determination of iodide amounts in urine and water by isotope dilution analysis
P. Unak, S. Darcan, F. Yurt, Z. Biber, M. Çoker
Pages 463-470

On the fission interference correction and its dependence on the epithermal to thermal neutron flux ratio in thermal naa of molybdenum
E. Martinho, M. C. Freitas
Pages 471-479

Effects of reactor temperature and sample mass on the activation of biological and geological materials with a SLOWPOKE reactor
Jean St-Pierre, Gregory Kennedy
Pages 481-487

Direct preparation of radioactive fullerenes as a tracer for applications
T. Ohtsuki, K. Masumoto, K. Shikamo, K. Sueki, et al.
Pages 489-498

Effect of air cavities on the dose delivered to the lung during high-dose brachytherapy
Richard M. Ambrosi, John I. W. Watterson, Tom Nam, et al.
Pages 499-507

Tritium incorporation into functional materials by applying OT- for- OH exchange reaction
Naoki Kano, Hiroshi Imaizumi
Pages 509-518

Experience on the neutron activation of natural/enriched Re, Sm, and Ho nuclides in a reactor for the production of radiotherapeutic radionuclides
Malik M. Ishfaq, Ahmad Mushtaq, M. Jawaid
Pages 519-526

Determination of trace elements in porcine brain by inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry, electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry, and instrumental neutron activation analysis
Antonia E. Panayi, Nicholas M. Spyrou, et al.
Pages 529-540

A comparative study in Alzheimer’s and normal brains of trace element distribution using PIXE and INAA analyses and glucose metabolism by positron emission tomography
D. A. Cutts, R. P. Maguire, J. D. Stedman, et al.
Pages 541-549

Accumulated experience with prenatal diagnosis of menkes disease by neutron activation analysis of chorionic villi specimens
K. Heydorn, E. Damsgaard, Nina Horn
Pages 551-561

INAA of trace elements in colorectal cancer patients
H. Arriola, L. Longoria, A. Quintero, D. Guzman
Pages 563-568

Determination of trace elements in tissue of human uterine cancer by instrumental neutron activation analysis
Honghai Zhong, Minjia Tan, Yuliang Fu, Jingqing Huang, et al.
Pages 569-574

Elemental composition changes between breast tissue with and without silicone gel sheeting and hypertrophic scar tissue
Rebecca Hollands, Nicholas M. Spyrou
Pages 575-583

Cell-killing efficiency and number of platinum atoms binding to DNA, RNA, and protein molecules of hela cells treated with combinations of hyperthermia and cisdiamine (glycolato)platinum(II)
Mitsuhiko Akaboshi, Kenichi Kawai, Yoshiko Tanaka, et al.
Pages 585-593

Determination of metallic ion transfer from an implanted prosthesis by the PIXE method
H. Oudadesse, J. L. Irigaray, V. Brun, S. Terver, et al.
Pages 595-601

Hydrophilic crosslinked copolymers as tissue-equivalent materials for breast cancer detection
Sabar Bauk, Michael J. Farquharson, Donald J. Highgate, et al.
Pages 603-609

Elemental analysis of blood of nigerian hypertensive subjects
O. A. Akanle, A. Akintanmide, M. A. Durosinmi, et al.
Pages 611-616

Determination of zinc contents in rabbits with cerebral ischemia by NAA and ICP-AES
Yinsong Wang, Huifang Zhao, Tianxi Zhang, et al.
Pages 617-621

Preliminary study on the relationship between osteoporosis and trace elements with rat models
Huiling Nie, Linlin Qin, Weizhi Tian, Bangfa Ni, et al.
Pages 623-628

Study of implanted biomaterial functionality by diphosphonate molecules labeled with radioactive 99mTc
J. L. Irigaray, H. Oudadesse, V. Brun, P. Labarre, et al.
Pages 629-633

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