Proceedings of the Eleventh International Conference on
Nuclear Analytical Methods in the Life Sciences

Delft, Netherlands, 2015 August 23-28

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, Volume 309, Issue 1, July 2016
ISSN: 0236-5731 (Print) 1588-2780 (Online)

Summary report MTAA14–NAMLS11
Peter Bode, Antonia Denkova
Pages 1-3

Renaissance of nuclear medicine through green nanotechnology: functionalized radioactive gold nanoparticles in cancer therapy—my journey from chemistry to saving human lives
Kattesh V. Katti
Pages 5-14

Laudation for Professor Kattesh V. Katti, Hevesy Medal Awardee 2015
A. Chatt
Pages 15-16

Trace element content of Zingiber officinalis and Salvia officinalis medicinal plants from Algeria
Z. Lamari, R. Larbi, H. Negache
Pages 17-22

A novel method for determination of copper in zinc destined to 64Cu production in a nuclear reactor
Isaac M. Cohen, María Sol Segovia, Patricia S. Bedregal, Pablo A. Mendoza, Andrea R. Aguirre, Eduardo H. Montoya
Pages 23-26

Automation system for neutron activation analysis at the reactor IBR-2, Frank Laboratory of Neutron Physics, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna, Russia
Sergey S. Pavlov, Andrey Yu. Dmitriev, Marina V. Frontasyeva
Pages 27-38

Detection limits should be a thing of the past in gamma-ray spectrometry in general as well as in neutron activation analysis
Menno Blaauw
Pages 39-43

Blood elements concentration in cyclists investigated by instrumental neutron activation analysis
C. B. Zamboni, L. Kovacs, S. Metairon, M. R. A. Azevedo, C. F. Furholz, M. C. Uchida
Pages 45-51

Determination of manganese in iron and iron concentrates by parametric methods of neutron activation analysis, using 59Fe as internal monitor
Issac M. Cohen, María Sol Segovia, Sandra Siri
Pages 53-57

Inorganic elements in blood of mice immunized with snake venom using NAA and XRF techniques
S. Metairon, C. B. Zamboni, M. F. Suzuki, et al.
Pages 59-64

Negative muon induced elemental analysis by muonic X-ray and prompt gamma-ray measurements
K. Ninomiya, M. Inagaki, M. K. Kubo, et al.
Pages 65-69

Fifteen years of success: user access programs at the Budapest prompt-gamma activation analysis laboratory
L. Szentmiklósi, Zs. Kasztovszky, T. Belgya, et al.
Pages 71-77

Determination of gamma-ray energies and half lives of platinum radio-isotopes by photon activation using a medical electron linear accelerator: a feasibility study
Canel Eke, Ismail Boztosun, Haris Dapo, et al.
Pages 79-83

Investigation of the potential antitumor radioactive complex of platinum(II) with tetracycline
A. S. Leal, I. M. Marzano, et al.
Pages 85-89

Upgrade of the Budapest neutron activation analysis laboratory
László Szentmiklósi, Dénes Párkányi, et al.
Pages 91-99

A 14 MeV neutron irradiation facility with an automated fast cyclic pneumatic
M. T. Montgomery, M. D. Yoho, et al.
Pages 101-106

Automation of a TRIGA-type pneumatic transfer system
Sebastjan Rupnik, Borut Smodiš
Pages 107-113

Radionuclides and toxic chemical elements in the transboundary Kyrgyzstan–Kazakhstan rivers
V. P. Solodukhin, V. L. Poznyak, et al.
Pages 115-124

Development of the complex of nuclear-physical methods of analysis for geology and technology tasks in Kazakhstan
V. Solodukhin, I. Silachyov, V. Poznyak, et al.
Pages 125-134

Quality evaluation of the k 0-standardized neutron activation analysis at the Dalat research reactor
Manh-Dung Ho, Quang-Thien Tran, Van-Doanh Ho, et al.
Pages 135-143

Irradiation pneumatic system fine-tuning using accelerometers
Attila Stopic, John Bennett
Pages 145-148

Prompt and delayed inelastic scattering reactions from fission neutron irradiation—first results of FaNGaS
M. Rossbach, T. Randriamalala, E. Mauerhofer, et al.
Pages 149-154

Comparison of k 0 NAA analysis results of four different reference materials using six various materials for comparator factor calculation
T. Bacquart, L. Sneyers, T. P. J. Linsinger, et al.
Pages 155-163

Photon activation analysis of large metallurgical slag samples using a 23 MV medical linear accelerator
I. E. Stamatelatos, T. Vasilopoulou, et al.
Pages 165-171

Measurement of k0 and Q0 values for lutetium and europium
Cristina Cimpan, Gregory Kennedy
Pages 173-178

Feasibility study of k0-INAA at the ITU TRIGA Mark II research reactor, Turkey
Ayse Nur Esen, Sevilay Haciyakupoglu, et al.
Pages 179-184

Combination and optimization of the cyclic NAA modes at the Dalat research reactor for determination of selenium in biological materials using 77mSe
Van Doanh Ho, Manh Dung Ho, Quang Thien Tran, et al.
Pages 185-188

Monte Carlo study of a flexible device for in situ PGNAA using 241Am–Be source: application to total chlorine determination
R. Khelifi, P. Bode
Pages 189-193

Study of exchange networks between two Amazon archaeological sites by INAA
Roberto Hazenfratz, Casimiro S. Munita, et al.
Pages 195-205

Monte Carlo ray-tracing simulations for cold neutron beam guides of CONAS
Sy Minh Tuan Hoang, Gwang Min Sun, et al.
Pages 207-218

Q 0’s and resonance energies used in k 0-NAA compared with estimations based on ENDF/B-VII.1 cross section data
R. van Sluijs
Pages 219-228

Determination of Na, K, Fe, and Zn whole blood elements concentration of Algerian Alzheimer patients by k 0-NAA method
T. Doumaz, L. Hamidatou, B. Beladel, et al.
Pages 229-234

Determination of multi-element composition of Vietnamese marine sediment and tuna fish by k 0-standardized neutron activation analysis
Manh-Dung Ho, Quang-Thien Tran, Van-Doanh Ho, et al.
Pages 235-241

Data acquisition and analysis software for gamma coincidence spectrometry
Martin Shetty, Dagistan Sahin
Pages 243-247

Contribution of detection efficiency to the uncertainty budget in NAA
Cornelia Chilian, Cristina Cimpan, et al.
Pages 249-255

Evaluating the applicability of portable-XRF for the characterization of Hokkaido Obsidian sources: a comparison with INAA, ICP-MS and EPMA
Sean C. Lynch, Andrew J. Locock, et al.
Pages 257-265

Neutron activation analysis and electron microscopy investigations of crystallization processes and characteristics of diamonds in the C–Mn–Ni–Fe systems
Yulia V. Aleksiayenak, Oleg V. Ignatenko, et al.
Pages 267-271

Prompt gamma neutron activation analysis of a 200 L steel drum homogeneously filled with concrete
Eric Mauerhofer, Andreas Havenith, et al.
Pages 273-278

Extraction chromatography with DGA resin for the determination of americium and curium in biological samples by high resolution alpha spectrometry
Dolores Arginelli, Paolo Battisti, et al.
Pages 279-284

The distinction between chondroma and chondrosarcoma using chemical element mass fractions in tumors determined by neutron activation analysis as diagnostic markers
Vladimir Zaichick, Sofia Zaichick
Pages 285-293

The effect of age on Ca, Cl, K, Mg, Mn, Na, P and Sr contents in roots of human female permanent teeth
Vladimir Zaichick, Sofia Zaichick
Pages 295-301

Automatic sequential separation with an anion-exchange column for ultra-trace analysis of Pu, U, Th, Pb, and lanthanides in environmental samples
Yutaka Miyamoto, Kenichiro Yasuda, et al.
Pages 303-308

Exposure and inhaled dose of susceptible population to chemical elements in atmospheric particles
Susana Marta Almeida, Carla A. Ramos, et al.
Pages 309-315

The 57Fe hyperfine interactions in the life sciences: application of Mössbauer spectroscopy with a high velocity resolution in the study of iron-containing biomolecules and pharmaceutical compounds
M. I. Oshtrakh, I. V. Alenkina, et al.
Pages 317-332

Determination of iron content in whole blood in different mouse strains using a portable XRFS spectrometer
Cibele B. Zamboni, Sabrina Metairon, et al.
Pages 333-336

INAA for the evaluation of selenium contents in grain foods consumed by Korean
J. H. Moon, S. H. Kim, K. S. Kim, Okhee Lee
Pages 337-341

Chemical and sequential analysis of some metals in sediments from the North Coast of the Gulf of Mexico
Trinidad Martínez, Samuel Tejeda, et al.
Pages 343-350

Simultaneous determination and uptake assessment of selected radionuclides in plants grown in substrate contaminated with U-mill tailings
Petra Planinšek, Borut Smodiš, et al.
Pages 351-365

MCNP modeling of NORM dosimetry in the oil and gas industry
Siqiu Wang, Sheldon Landsberger
Pages 367-371

Instrumental neutron activation analysis of plant tissues and soils for biomonitoring in urban areas in Istanbul
Ayse Nur Esen, Marie Kubešová, et al.
Pages 373-382

Contribution to food safety assurance of fish consumed at Săo Paulo city by means of trace element determination
Karen C. Fabiano, Ana P. S. Lima, et al.
Pages 383-388

Correlation between fluorine content in tea and bone assessed using neutron activation analysis in a Canadian urban population
F. E. McNeill, F. Mostafaei, A. Pidruczny, et al.
Pages 389-395

Source apportionment by positive matrix factorization on elemental concentration obtained in PM10 and biomonitors collected in the vicinities of a steelworks
Joana Lage, Hubert Th. Wolterbeek, et al.
Pages 397-404

PIXE and RBS analysis of serum specimens of rats fed with tea extracts to ascertain elemental absorption
Johan André Mars, Carine Kunsevi-Kilola, et al.
Pages 405-412

Trace elements and As speciation analysis of fly ash samples from an Indonesian coal power plant by means of neutron activation analysis and synchrotron based techniques
Muhayatun Santoso, Diah Dwiana Lestiani, et al.
Pages 413-419

Impact of North Mara gold mine on the element contents in fish from the river Mara, Tanzania
Najat K. Mohamed, A. V. R. Ntarisa, et al.
Pages 421-427

Contamination of surface soils from a heavy industrial area in the North of Spain
Joana Lage, Hubert Wolterbeek, et al.
Pages 429-437

Trace and some rare earth elements distribution in a sediment profile from Jurumirim Reservoir, Săo Paulo State, Brazil: total content and extracted phases
R. L. Franklin, S. A. Silva, D. I. T. Fávaro, et al.
Pages 439-451

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