Proceedings of the Tenth International Conference on
Nuclear Analytical Methods in the Life Sciences

Bangkok, Thailand, 2012 January 15–20

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, Volume 297, No. 2, August 2013
ISSN: 0236-5731 (Print), 1588-2780 (Online)

Foreword to the 10th International Conference of the Nuclear Analytical Methods in the Life Sciences (NAMLS-10)
pp. 161-162

Laudation for Dr. Moumita Maiti, Saha Institute of Nuclear Physics, Kolkata, India: recipient of the Young Scientist Award 2012
pp. 163-164

Characterization of airborne particulate matter collected at Jakarta roadside of an arterial road
M. Santoso, D. D. Lestiani, Andreas Markwitz
pp. 165-169

Evaluating the potential alpha energy of radon progeny
Apisara Charoensri
pp. 171-175

Determination of chemical elements in airborne particulate matter collected at Lembang, Indonesia by particle induced X-ray emission
D. D. Lestiani, M. Santoso, W. J. Trompetter, B. Barry, P. K. Davy & A. Markwitz
pp. 177-182

Radon concentration in air, hot spring water, and bottled mineral water in one hot spring area in Thailand
P. Sola, K. Srisuksawad, S. Loaharojanaphand,  A. O-Manee, V. Permnamtip, P. Issarapan & L. Thummagarun
pp, 183-187

Availability of metals and radionuclides present in phosphogypsum and phosphate fertilizers used in Brazil
Cátia Heloisa Rosignoli Saueia, Fernanda Mello Le Bourlegat, Barbara Paci Mazzilli & Deborah Inês Teixeira Fávaro
pp. 189-195

Anthropogenic radiotracers assessment as tool to environmental compliance rules and management
Marcelo Bessa Nisti & Adir Janete Godoy dos Santos
pp. 197-200

Partitioning of natural radionuclides in sediments around a former uranium mine and mill
Marko Štrok, Borut Smodiš
pp. 201-207

Determination of nutrients and potentially toxic elements in Jatropha curcas seeds, oil and biodiesel using inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
P. B. Maciel, L. L. S. de Barros, E. C. M. Duarte, M. N. C. Harder, G. G. Bortoleto, C. H. Abreu & F. C. A. Villanueva
pp. 209-213

Assessment of the Lake Gendabi salt for trace elements and toxic heavy metals by energy dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectrometry
I. Lugendo, N. K. Mohammed, L. M. Mussa & N. M. Spyrou
pp. 215-220

Elemental characterization of bread and durum wheat by instrumental neutron activation analysis
Catarina Galinha, Maria do Carmo Freitas & Adriano M. G. Pacheco
pp. 221-226

Selenium supplementation of Portuguese wheat cultivars through foliar treatment in actual field conditions
Catarina Galinha, Maria do Carmo Freitas, Adriano M. G. Pacheco, José Coutinho, Benvindo Maçãs & Ana Sofia Almeida
pp. 227-231

Agglomerative hierarchical clustering analysis of twenty-six rice samples analysed by instrumental neutron activation analysis and other techniques
C. N. Grant, H. T. Dennis, J. M. R. Antoine, L. A. Hoo-Fung & G. C. Lalor
pp. 233-239

Positron emission tomography (PET) of radiotracer uptake and distribution in living plants: methodological aspects
A. K. Converse, E. O. Ahlers, T. W. Bryan, P. H. Williams, T. E. Barnhart, J. W. Engle, R. J. Nickles & O. T. DeJesus
pp. 241-246

Specific activities and radioactive contour maps of natural and anthropogenic radionuclides in beach sand samples (Patong, Kamala, Kata, Karon and Nai Yang) after tsunami disaster in Phuket province, Thailand
P. Kessaratikoon, R. Boonkrongcheep, S. Benjakul & U. Youngchauy
pp. 247-255

Atmospheric deposition of 210Po and 210Pb in Malaysian waters during haze events
Che Abd Rahim Mohamed, Asnor Azrin Sabuti & Nor Affizah Saili
pp. 257-263

Modeling of cumulative release on long term leaching behaviour of selected oil sludge from crude oil terminal and petroleum refining plant
S. Mohd Fadzil, S. Sarmani, A. Ab. Majid, A. Hamzah & K. S. Khoo
pp. 265-270

Instrumental neutron activation analysis for assessing homogeneity of a whole rice candidate reference material
Lilian Seiko Kato, Elisabete A. De Nadai Fernandes, Márcio Arruda Bacchi, Camila Elias, Silvana R. Vicino Sarriés, Gabriel Adrián Sarriés & Paula Sancinetti Modolo
pp. 271-275

Radiological dose assessment of naturally occurring radioactive materials in concrete building materials
Amran AB Majid, Aznan Fazli Ismail, Muhamad Samudi Yasir, Redzuwan Yahaya & Ismail Bahari
pp. 277-284

Nuclear analytical methods on ancient Thai rice
K. Won-in, T. Sako, C. Thongleurm, S. Intarasiri, U. Tippawan, T. Kamwanna, W. Pattanasiriwisana, S. Tancharakorn, N. Kamonsutthipaijit & P. Dararutana
pp. 285-290

Determination of total arsenic in soil and arsenic-resistant bacteria from selected ground water in Kandal Province, Cambodia
A. Hamzah, K. K. Wong, F. N. Hasan, S. Mustafa, K. S. Khoo & S. B. Sarmani
pp. 291-296

Determination of gross alpha and beta activities in seawater and plankton from the Upper Gulf of Thailand
Pannee Pakkong, Sarinya Wongsanit, Yutthana Tumnoi & Suchin Udomsomporn
pp. 297-302

Tracking soil transport to sugarcane industry using neutron activation analysis
E. A. De Nadai Fernandes, M. A. Bacchi, G. A. Sarriés, J. C. Marson, C. Sbrana & E. S. B. Ferraz
pp. 303-307

Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, Volume 297, No. 3, September 2013
ISSN: 0236-5731 (Print) 1588-2780 (Online)

Production and separation of 111In: an important radionuclide in life sciences: a mini review
Susanta Lahiri, Moumita Maiti, Kaustab Ghosh
pp. 309-318

Nuclear and chemical data for life sciences
Moumita Maiti
pp. 319-329

A software architectural framework specification for neutron activation analysis
J. A. Preston, C. N. Grant
pp. 331-336

Semi-quantitative analysis of leaf surface contamination by radioactivity from the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant accident using HPGe and imaging plate
Etsuko Furuta
pp. 337-342

Concentration of arsenic in soil samples collected around the monazite processing facility, Thailand
W. Srinuttrakul, S. Yoshida
pp. 343-346

Fifteen years of nuclear techniques application to suspended particulate matter studies
S. M. Almeida, M. C. Freitas, M. Reis, T. Pinheiro, P. M. Felix, C. A. Pio
pp. 347-356

Understanding the groundwater dynamics in the Southern Rift Valley Lakes Basin (Ethiopia): multivariate statistical analysis method, oxygen (delta 18O) and deuterium (delta 2H)
Girum Admasu Nadew, Zebene Lakew Tefera
pp. 357-364

Determination of arsenic in food and dietary supplement standard reference materials by neutron activation analysis
Rick L. Paul
pp. 365-370

Experimental evaluation of epithermal neutron self-shielding for 96Zr and 98Mo
F. Farina Arboccò, P. Vermaercke, L. Verheyen, K. Strijckmans
pp. 371-375

Exhaled breath condensate as a biomonitor for metal exposure: a new analytical challenge
M. A. Barreiros, T. Pinheiro, P. M. Félix, C. Franco, M. Santos, F. Araújo, M. C. Freitas, S. M. Almeida
pp. 377-382

Selenium content of Argentinean infant formulae and baby foods by pseudo-cyclic instrumental neutron activation analysis coupled to Compton suppression
S. Hevia, S. Resnizky, A. Chatt
pp. 383-391

Concentrations of ions and metals in blood of amateur and elite runners using NAA,
L. Kovacs, C. B. Zamboni, L. A. S. Nunes, T. F. Lourenço, D. V. Macedo
pp. 393-398

Mineral composition of fruit by-products evaluated by neutron activation analysis
Gabriela de Matuoka e Chiocchetti, Elisabete A. De Nadai Fernandes, Márcio Arruda Bacchi,
Rogério Augusto Pazim, Silvana Regina Vicino Sarriés, Thaís Melega Tomé
pp. 399-404

Use of isotope hydrology for groundwater resources study in Upper Chi river basin
K. Kamdee, K. Srisuk, O. Lorphensri, R. Chitradon, N. Noipow, S. Laoharojanaphand, W. Chantarachot
pp. 405-418

The study on radioactive contamination in foodstuffs imported from Japan after the Fukushima accident
T. Itthipoonthanakorn, P. Krisanangkura, S. Udomsomporn
pp. 419-421

Application of particle-induced X-ray emission, backscattering spectrometry and scanning electron microscopy in the evaluation of orthodontic materials
D. Gihwala, J. A. Mars, C. Pineda-Vargas
pp. 423-429

Analysis of blood serum of lung cancer patients using particle induced X-ray emission
P. Sarita, G. J. Naga Raju, M. Ravi Kumar, A. S. Pradeep, S. Bhuloka Reddy
pp. 431-436

Evolution of radiocaesium contamination in mushrooms and influence of treatment after collection
O. Daillant, D. Boilley, M. Josset, B. Hettwig, H. W. Fischer
pp. 437-441

Environmental dose assessment using Ecolego: case study of soil from Japan
P. Krisanangkura, T. Itthipoonthanakorn, S. Udomsomporn
pp. 443-450

Food safety measurement issues: way forward
Venkatesh Iyengar
pp. 451-455

Micro-PIXE analysis of bioconductive hydroxyapatite coatings on titanium alloy
C. A. Pineda-Vargas, M. Topic, T. Ntsoane
pp. 457-461

Determination of reference interval values for inorganic elements in whole blood samples of humans and laboratory animals by X-ray fluorescence spectrometry
M. M. Redígolo, R. O. Aguiar, C. B. Zamboni, I. M. Sato
pp. 463-467

Measurement of fallout with rain in Hiroshima and several sites in Japan from the Fukushima reactor accident
Ryuta Hazama, Akihito Matsushima
pp. 469-475

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